Operation and Marketing Automation = Sales Acceleration


Improve your retail checkout process for your employees and customers. POS is easy to use, and is compatible with touch screen terminals and barcode scanners, helping to speed up check out process and prevent cashier errors.

Learning Management System

Revolutionize organization learning environment and experience Going beyond the classroom restriction and facilitate self learning anytime anywhere View Details »

Inventory Management

Designed to help organize and keep track of inventory and streamline your inventory processes for greater productivity and efficiency.

Customer Relationship Management

Manage your Clients. Track and nurture your prospective Leads into Customers

School Management System

Automate class administration so that you can focus on the teaching and coaching. Designed to harness teachers, students and parents interaction.

Kitchen Management System

Streamline restaurant operation from ordering, preparation and serving of food to payment so as to increase operation efficiency and boost staff  productivity.
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Human Resource Management System

Designed to automate administrative human resource processes and keep an updated employee record. View Details »
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Workforce Management System

Designed to automate work order dispatch processes and keep track of service history and forms submission View Details »
Appt Booking

Appointment Scheduling and Booking System

Automates appointment scheduling and booking processes, helping you to save manpower and time View Details »